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Helping Your Plants Thrive

Brim's Farm and Garden is here to provide you with the finest gardening supplies. We are open year round for your assistance. Have a garden question? Please stop in or e-mail us! We're here to help you.


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Brim's Farm and Garden offers a full line of landscape material for the homeowner. You'll find fruit and shade trees, shrubs, hedge material, groundcovers, perennials and annuals. We cater to vegetable gardeners and pride ourselves in offering the best varieties for coastal gardeners.

Seasonal Seeds, Bulbs, bare root material.

Partial plant availability.

Our plants don't just grow, they THRIVE! Most (but not all) material we offer is hardy in our Zone 7 maritime climate. We will assist you in selecting the most appropriate plants for your particular site and offer information to help you get them established. Sometimes even with the best care, plants fail. We do guarantee our plants to grow from dormancy and to reach maturity when planted properly.  If they don't, we'll try to rescue them with corrective care advice. So please monitor them and let us know if you do experience problems with new plants as they get established. Many times trouble can be reversed before it causes plant failure. We do not guarantee plants against drought, deer or other pests, heavy wind damage or winter cold damage. We offer discounts on solid flats or quantities of 10 or more, as well as delivery to local areas.

Here's a list of our most popular selections: Liberty and Honeycrisp Apples, Tri-Star Ever Bearing Strawberries, Chandler Blueberries & Chilcoten Raspberries. A complete list of varieties can be seen above in our plant availability.

Garden Supplies

  • Organic Pest Controls
  • Wild Bird Supplies
  • Tools
  • David Austin English Roses

  • Pottery
  • Fencing
  • Bulk and Packaged Seed
  • Mason Bees

 Lawn/Pasture Seed - Mike Brim is our turf expert and can help you through all phases of establishing a new lawn or pasture. He will walk you through the most important part which is your soil preparation. Best window for starting new turf is between the last week of April and the last week of October. Please call for current pricing for 25# bags or by
the pound.

We stock seed blends specifically for the coast and also offer custom mixes for specific needs such as eco-lawns and wildflower mixes that stay low. Our packaged seed lines are hand picked for our maritime climate

Soil Amendments

Gardener & Bloom * Garden Valley * Dr. Earth * Black Gold 

Start your plants off right with proper soil and fertilizers to ensure your plants will thrive. We carry bagged compost, bark, cocoa mulch, decorative rock, potting soils and composted chicken and steer manures. Our premium potting mixes from Gardener & Bloom are fortified with bat guano, kelp meal, and lime for pH and earthworm castings. Organic fertilizers and biotic soil additives are also our specialties. Our Garden Valley soil line is a quality potting soil that has reliably produced healthy trees, shrubs and perennials for our bare root stock since 1986.

*Decorative Rock * Bark Nuggets * Sliver Free Hemlock Bark * Special Orders